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Guard Card Training In
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We offer a wide range of trainings and services including a full catalog of courses for anyone looking to start a career as a Security Officer or a Security Services Professional. We also offer professional security services for your public or private events.


In addition, we offer onsite group sessions for CPR, Security Guard, Live Scan, and a new course for OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Training.

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Here at Luna's Training in California, stand by our dedication to training security personnel that are equipped in their profession


How Do You Get a Guard Card?

Phase 1: Pre-Licensing

In getting a security guard license or guard card in California, applicants need to go through a pre-licensing course or a “guard card class” in a relevant training facility. It is divided into two parts or classes:

  • Powers to Arrest

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

These courses are requirements to guard card applications. Luna’s Training in California provides online guard card classes as well as on-demand sessions. Give us a call and we’ll start your 40-hour security guard training.

After passing the pre-licensing class, head over to a LiveScan location to get your fingerprints taken and submit your application to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, BSIS.

Phase 2: Guard Card Training

Once you get your guard card, you can then proceed to the training phase.

The sessions will go through topics like:

Public Relations

Recognizing gender and racial harassment, skills on crisis intervention, professionalism, etc.

Observation and Documentation

Teaching proper report writing, patrol techniques, and observing suspicious activities. 

Communication & Significance

Learning about internal communication technologies, and the external communication channels.

We also offer guard card training in Los Angeles & surrounding areas.

Phase 3: Elective Courses

The third phase in security guard training includes written materials, exercises, and lectures. As per the Business and Professions Code section 7583.6, newly-licensed security personnel must complete at least 8 hours of training within thirty 30 days from the issuance of guard card.

Elective courses discuss important aspects of:

  • Tactical Communication

  • Searching & Handcuffing

  • Criminal Law & Essential Codes

  • Courtroom Testimony


Security Guard Card In Los Angeles CA

In California, an aspiring security officer must go through courses to gain their security guard license (or guard card) issued by BSIS. There are three phases of processing a guard card: pre-licensing courses, continuous security guard training, and the electives. Professionals that have gone through the necessary courses can work as security personnel, personal security guards, loss prevention agents, etc.

In total, there’s a 40 hour training requirement for every applicant. Broken down, this involves 8 hours of training for pre-licensing courses, 16 hours of continued security officer courses that must be completed within 30 days from the issuance of the guard card, and another 16 hours of security guard training on elective courses that must be completed within 6 months from the issuance of the guard card to complete the 40 hour course requirements.

Most applications these days are done online. With the online convenience fee of $1, the standard licensing fees for getting an online guard card in California is as follows: 

  • Guard Card Application – $50
  • DOJ Fees – $32
  • FBI Fees – $19

We offer an all-in permit module which includes the standard fees and the pre-licensing courses, all in at $250.

The 2nd phase of continuous security guard education is only $150.

And all 16 hours of security guard elective courses tackling important topics will cost $150.

Proprietary Private Security Officer – $250. Initial Firearms Shooting course including the standard fees, firing classes and targets costs $485. Initial Guard Card with Initial Firearms Shooting course, including standard fees, targets, and ear and eye protection costs $735.

Other services are also offered such as Basic First Aid and Advanced First Aid, Initial Firearms, Baton training, etc. Call us today for more info.

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