Security Guard Card & Our Catalog of Courses

We provide the best-in-class security guard card training courses that meet the BSIS requirements for obtaining a security guard card in California.

Additionally, we provide firearm safety training (at local partner ranges), and CPR / AED training (both at our site or yours)!

Our Courses

Security Guard Card
  • Professional Development
  • Increased Credibility
  • Foundational Skillset for Advanced Roles
Initial Firearm Training
  • Increased Competency and Confidence
  • Qualifying for Armed Security Roles
  • Expanded Skill Set
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CPR / AED Certification
  • Preparation for Emergencies
  • Increased Confidence and Competence
  • Compliance with Regulations
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Pepper Spray
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Legally Carry And Use Pepper Spray
  • Non-Lethal Force Training
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Taser Gun Safety
  • Handle Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Comply With Local Regulations
  • Reduce The Risk Of Misuse
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Handcuff Training
  • Handle Confrontational Situations
  • Comply With Local Laws
  • Reduce The Risk Of Injury
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