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8 Hour Security Guard Training / Annual Course

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Annual Guard Training Course

The 8-hour annual security guard training required refresher course must be taken for you to keep your license’s validation. You must submit your certificate of completion as proof that you have taken the 8-hour courses, and the card renewal office must receive it within 30 days after your guard card expires. If nothing was received on their end, you need to retake some of the training requirements, such as the pre-assignment and 16-hour On-The-Job security training courses, as if you need to start all over again.

How Long is Security Training?

To become a certified security guard, you need to undergo a 40-hour security guard training courses.

  • Students need to undergo 8-hour pre-assignment training.
  • After the 8-hour pre-assignment training, you need to undergo the 16-hour training program within the first 30 days of hire. It covers both mandatory and elective courses for guard card approval.
  • Within the first six months of being hired, you still need to undergo 16-hour training of elective courses as a requirement for guard card approval.

How Much Does Security License Cost?

There’s already an option for you to process the application online. With $1 online convenience fee, the standard licensing fees for acquiring an online guard card in California is as follows: 

  • Guard Card Application – $50

  • DOJ Fees – $32

  • FBI Fees – $19

In Luna’s training, we also offer an all-in permit module, which includes the pre-licensing courses and standard fees, all in at $250.

How long does it take to get a California Security License?

In CA, from the time you submit your security guard registration card application, to the time you will receive your guard card in the mail, it usually takes roughly 21 days. You can visit the BSIS services if you want to view if your card has been processed already.

How do I get my unarmed security guard license?

There are a few requirements you need to comply for you to become a certified unarmed security guard such as:

  • Applicant must be 18 years old and above
  • The criminal background check through the California Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting
  • Pay the $50 registration fee.
  • 40-hour courses by a certified training program (8-hour prior to being assigned, 16-hour within the first 30 days of being assigned, and 16-hour within the first six months of employment)

Once your requirements got approved and submitted your fingerprinting result, you must send your security guard licensing requirements to the BSIS. Here are the steps to get your unarmed security guard card.

Step 1: Finish the 40-hour Mandatory Training

Step 2: Finalize the form needed and pay the BSIS fees

Step 3: Process the Live Scan Fingerprints and Do the Background Checks

At Luna’s training, we provide Live Scan Fingerprinting. Take the provided Live Scan forms to the operator and complete the process for digital fingerprinting.

Aside from undergoing the 8-hour annual in-service recertification course, Luna’s training also provides other training courses for security guards such as baton training, handcuffing, and arrest techniques, basic CPR and first aid training, etc. Read Luna’s security courses page and contact us now to get more information and start your security officer career!