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What kind of training is required to become a loss prevention officer?

Apart from Guard Card courses, we at Luna’s Training also provide Loss Prevention Training. Our training courses immerse trainees with the fundamental knowledge about Loss Prevention, and the terms, concepts, and the standards therein.

Lunas Training’s Loss Prevention courses are designed for Loss Prevention Professionals in Los Angeles. Whether you had some training, starting, or in need of a refresher, our course will improve your skills as a Loss Prevention personnel both in the┬áretail and hospitality industry.

How much does the Loss Prevention Certification cost?

At Luna’s training, we provide loss prevention training is Los Angeles for $225.

What is LP Certification?

LP certification is an advanced certification asset protection or LP professionals that incorporates the business of loss prevention into retail profit management logistics and practices.

The process of becoming a certified LPC is not meant to make someone an expert in each aspect of a professional level, or become very knowledgeable within a professional field. This certificate should not attempt to cover each topic or responsibility of retail professionals that might exist all over the extensive spectrum of retail loss prevention opportunities. Instead, it’s a way to confirm that the person follows the knowledge, information, and understanding that is necessary to execute at a standard commonly accepted within and throughout the business industry.

There’s a world’s known LP community that also provides LPF’s certification programs, which is the loss prevention foundation. The Loss Prevention Foundation utilizes retail loss prevention industry knowledge through the help of its global LP partners and dedicated skilled volunteers.

How do become a loss prevention officer?

As one of the retail loss prevention professionals, you should possess effective communication skills, sharp critical thinking abilities, and strong observation skills. You should be able to recognize any suspicious sign and behavior, as well as other actions by consumers that can indicate theft and shoplifting, taking complete note of any sign that’s out of the ordinary. You must also experience communicating and interacting with the management of the store, such as managers, supervisors, and other employees in the store. It’s important that you will be able to inform them of the retail loss prevention risks, keep them updated on any suspicious activities, and give any information needed to provide efficient protection to the business’ profit.

Sharp thinking & Authoritative

Specialists and members of loss prevention foundation must also have an authoritative attitude, but with an even level of temper. You should be able to calmly react when you get to experience difficult situations, and be able to confront the responsible person calmly who might put the store at risk.