Security Guard Card

First Steps

Before you apply for a California security guard license, you must be at least 18 years old or over and you shouldn't have any record for a violent felony or misdemeanor.

BSIS requires you to confirm that you’ve completed ALL of your continuing education training prior to guard card renewal.
• Always make sure to update your address with BSIS.
• Use the most current BSIS renewal form for your license type.
• Make sure you sign the document.
• Provide the exact guard card renewal fee.
• Mail your signed document to BSIS between 60 and 90days before your current guard card expires.

Cost of License

In pursuing a security guard career, paying for guard training and courses is not enough. Processing and paying for a guard card is also a must. If you choose to apply online, the fee for the BSIS security guard application is $50, while the online convenience fee is $1. You also need to submit fingerprints using Live Scan, and it costs $32 for the DOJ, while the FBI costs $19.

If you decide to apply the normal way, you’ll pay the same amount, but you don’t need to pay the $1 online convenience fee, but this takes longer compared to processing online, and you also need to prepare for the postal charges since you have to send the document and other requirements by mail.

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A security guard training program is essential because it determines security officers’ ability to carry out their duties effectively. In NYS, the security guard training and training courses are structured slightly different. Like in California, if you don’t have a complete law enforcement training (in New York), you also need to do an 8-hour pre-assignment training course before getting hired as a security guard.

Then, a 16-hour OJT course that you need to complete within 90 days of employment as a security guard. The 16 hour on the job course provides the applicant with detailed information on the criminal justice services and responsibilities of a security guard.

In the State of California, the following are the requirements of becoming a security guard.All professional security guards that work in the state of California must be licensed and registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). You need to secure a guard card before you start your security officer career. The BSIS requires an entire 40 hrs of training. However, the training may be completed in three (3) parts.

Step 1: 8hours Training

Must be completed before the issuance of a security guard registration cardPower to ArrestWeapons of Mass Destruction

Step 2: 16-hour training course within 30 days

8 hrs mandatory training courses & 8 hrs elective training coursesApproved by the California BSIS, this course fulfills the 16-hour training requirements that need to be completed within 30 days for security officers to maintain their guard card license. This 16-hour training course for a security guard is also divided into four courses:
Public Relations ( 4 hrs )

The purpose of this course is based on the necessity of security personnel dealing with the general public in a customer service role in addition to security and safety.

Observation and Documentation (4 hrs)

The purpose of this course is to train officers to be efficient in observing the surroundings and documentation through both written and oral reports.

Communication and its Significance (4 hrs)

The purpose of the communication and its significance course within the guard card training Los Angeles is to help security professionals communicate better with employees, clients, and the public.

Liability / Legal Aspects (4 hrs)

The purpose of this training is to ensure security guards are well educated of the laws, rules, and regulations that govern their actions as a security officer.

16-hour Guard Training Course Within 6 Months
Officer Safety
Fire Safety
Management and Supervision
Evacuation Procedures
Access Control
Crowd Control
Workplace Violence
Handling Difficult People
Preserving the Incident Scene

Armed Security Guard Requirements in Los AngelesArmed security guards need to file additional requirements to receive a certificate. The requirements include a certificate of completion for firearm training courses. It’s important to undergo a firearm training program in the State of California before becoming a certified security guard.You should:

Be a full citizen of the United States or be considered as a permanent resident.
Complete training courses and firearms program that is a total of 14 hrs.
Apply for a firearm permit.

Classroom Instruction & Actual Firing Range Shooting

For the training course, 8 hours are devoted to classroom instruction and 6 hrs are devoted to the firing range. The actual training includes:

Emergency training and protocols
Weapons handling
Weapon terminology
Shooting training
Sensitivity training, including moral, legal, and ethical issues

What Does a Security Guard Need?
Security officers or guards control access to areas, monitor threats and illegal activies, enforce laws and protect people and property. The general requirements are needed if you want to be a security guard in California:

You must be at least 18 years oldYou must complete a criminal background check through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
You need to undergo a Live Scan electronic fingerprint processing. You must complete a 40-hour course of required training

Education requirements will depend on the employer, but most employers want to accept security personnel who hold the equivalent of a high school diploma. It is important since part of a security guard’s role is to write an incident report and documents. Some agencies also require security guards to pass the physical test before employment.

It is also necessary for security guards to complete the licensing process during the first few months of employment or OJT. To qualify for the licenses and secure a guard card, aspiring officers must first complete the mandatory training programs. License officers typically have to pass the written examinations that cover topics such as evidence handling, emergency procedures, and crime prevention. Practical skills courses such as firearms training are also often required, especially to confirm if an aspiring security guard has enough knowledge and ability to safely use weapons.

Luna’s Training Academy always makes sure that the aspiring guards are completely certified and have the necessary training requirements and courses. Besides, we also provide our training, whether it’s 8 hrs or 16 hours annual in service, to make sure that all of our guards adhere to our high standards.