Tear Gas & Pepper Spray Training

Tear Gas Course For Security Guards

Luna’s training security guard programs allow you to learn as many as the skills necessary to be effective security personnel. However, you may also want to take additional courses so that you can stay safer while on the job and obtain more work opportunities.

If you’ll be working in any situation where there’s a violence threat, you may want to complete a tear gas training in Los Angeles. In California, security guards are permitted to carry pepper spray, but there are important rules and regulations that you must adhere such as:

• Unless you have special classes and certification, You are not allowed to carry more than 2.5 oz of a gas canister
• California Penal Code §12403.5 requires that an individual holding specific types of special licenses can buy, own, or carry any gas weapon if it’s used for defensive purposes only
• Aside from having a license, you also need to enter and complete a full course on its usage which has been approved by the California Department of Consumer Affairs

Who is legally allowed to carry this weapon?

Notwithstanding any other law provisions, anyone may purchase, own, or use this chemical gas weapon for the prediction or release of this gas if this weapon is used solely for self-defense purposes. These are the basic requirementfor anyone who wants to carry this gas weapon:

• It is LEGAL to purchase, possess, carry and ship to California
• Its canister must be less than 2.5 ounces
• The user must be at least 18 years old
• The user must not be addicted to narcotic substances
• The user must not have any convicted felony on record
• The weapon must be used only for self-defense

How much is the training cost & how long would it take?

This gas weapon and pepper spray course costs $75 that includes a permit that will not expire. This is a 4 Hour Course.

What can you get with our tear gas training?

Whether you’re a security guard or army drill sergeant who wants to get a license to carry a pepper spray or gas weapon on duty or you want to find a simple and effective way of self-defense, Luna’s Training is a company that provides basic training that can help you with pepper spray related courses.

Our course covers everything from the fundamentals of a gas chamber, how to use gas masks, how to effectively carry and use pepper spray and/or mace.

After completing this class and exercise, recruits will be able to:
• Understand the moral and legal issues related to the possession and usage of pepper spray and gas weapons
• Explain the different types of sprays such as CS, CN, and OC
• Properly carry, handle, store, and care for spray canisters,
• Effectively deploy gas weapon to deal with aggressive attackers,
• Recognize and learn how to treat the symptoms associated with being sprayed, andHow to use a gas mask and how to properly decontaminate yourself and others after being sprayed.

A proper way of deploying a tear gas

Methods of deploying a gas weapon vary, but the irritant usually spread into the air and crowds as an element of an aerosol solution, smoke or explosive device. Aside from hand-thrown grenades and canisters, military enforcers, sgt, security guards, and police forces also use gas projectiles and mortars for use in riot guns, alongside such ordinance as rubber bullets. Vehicle dispersal devices and aircraft are also used by some. Personal ones are also deployed by spraying such as hand-held sprays and gas-emitting batons.