How Long Does CPR Certification Last

CPR Certification Online

Medical emergencies can be extremely scary. Staying calm in situations where life and death are involved can be a tough struggle, especially if you are not armed with a life-saving technique. Learning a set of lifesaving skills can help you bravely face situations that are out of your hands. This is where CPR certification becomes essential. Being certified in CPR and acquiring a CPR certification online can give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to calmly respond to a life-threatening emergency. Most importantly, it can help you save the lives of the people you care about.

Emergency CPR Precautions

Emergencies are inevitable. What is more terrifying is that they can happen anytime and anywhere. They can occur in the workplace or just inside your home. The absence of medical attention during emergencies can put a person’s health in jeopardy, worse it can lead to unnecessary deaths. Responding to a dangerous and stressful situation especially when prompt decisions are needed can be notoriously challenging. Oftentimes, when you are in the midst of danger, your natural reaction is to panic and resort to irrational and hysterical behaviors. We often lose our senses when we are enveloped in fear. Overwhelming fear can be crippling, causing feelings of anxiety and terror, and take away our ability to rationally respond to our environment. While it is natural to panic when confronted with a crisis, it isn’t a good thing. Panicking won’t get you anywhere.

No matter how hard you work, things can get out of control and put a person’s life at risk. Having the ability to handle uncontrollable events can help you stay calm, increase your capacity for resilience, and allow you to save lives. Hence, it is always better to be prepared and the best way to this is to do this is to equip yourself with the most essential life-saving strategies and obtain a CPR certification online. Knowing how to respond and deal with life-threatening circumstances can mean the big difference between life and death for the people you care about. While you can just call an ambulance to respond to an emergency, it can take time to reach you and lead to a delay in medical assistance. Delayed access to medical care can have serious consequences on a patient’s physical state. Lack of immediate medical treatment can substantially reduce the likelihood of survival and result in death. By acquiring basic knowledge on cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR and obtaining CPR certification online, you can help minimize the impact of emergencies and prevent the occurrence of death. While a huge percentage of patients who go through CPR don’t make it, the procedure is still used to significantly increase a person’s chance of survival.

How Long Does CPR Certification Last

Performing CPR on Cardiac Arrests

CPR is primarily performed to revive or sustain a patient who suffered from cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest happens when the heart stops circulating blood to the brain and other vital parts of the body. When the heart stops pumping blood, your brain is deprived of oxygen which eventually causes brain tissues to die. Several factors cause cardiac arrest and they tend to vary from adults to children. Respiratory illness, trauma, and heart disease are some of the primary causes of cardiac arrest in adults. Cardiac arrest, if not dealt with immediately, can lead to unconsciousness or, worse, death. A cardiac arrest often occurs without a warning and death could happen in a few minutes. Hence, the odds of success are higher when CPR is carried out as quickly as possible. Performing CPR helps the blood circulate to provide oxygen to the brain and body. CPR can be performed by pressing up and down on the patient’s chest the person begins to regain consciousness or professional medical assistance arrives. While CPR can help save a life, it should only be performed when a person is irregularly breathing, unresponsive or unconscious.

CPR might sound easy to perform, yet it involves a range of complex and step by step procedures that must be cautiously performed. That is why it is so essential to learn basic CPR skills. You need a program that can provide you with the training and knowledge you need to safely and properly perform the procedure.

CPR Certification Los Angeles

As long as you are competent enough to carry out the procedures and have the financial ability to pay for the course fee, you can easily acquire a CPR certification online. Acquiring a CPR certification in Los Angeles is more convenient and easier nowadays than it was in the past. This is because of the growth of the internet. The rapid expansion of the online service industry has created a unique venue for people from across the globe to engage in a high-quality learning experience. In the past few years, more and more individuals are turning to online training courses because it allows them to learn at their own pace and receive immediate feedback and results.

The growth in the number of sites that offer certification online has made our options incredibly limitless. However, because there are a plethora of options to choose from, deciding which site to enroll in can feel overwhelming. There are some factors you need to consider when choosing a site and these include the size of the class, the instructor’s competence and level of experience, and student to teacher ratio. The cost of the course must also be taken into account. The most important factor you need to consider is the validity of the certificate. CPR certifications usually expire after one or two years from the date issued. That is the standard set by the American Red Cross but it may vary from state to state. It may also differ depending on your training. CPR certificates are not only a good way to measure your professional expertise, but you also need it to perform CPR. Therefore, it is always essential to renew your course before it expires. You can find the expiration date on the certificate and your card.


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