Handcuff & Arrest Training

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Proper Handcuff Training

It may not be common knowledge, but not all security officer are licensed to carry and use handcuffs. To be able to possess and use handcuffs legally, a law enforcement officer or security personnel must have the proper handcuffing guidelines training and get a certificate. Knowing when to control a violent person without causing any harm to the officers is essential. That’s why you need to undergo appropriate tactical handcuffing courses.

This basic guidelines handcuffing training is appropriate for people who are expected to use handcuffs to restrain someone as a part of their operational responsibility. Our tactical handcuffing training aims to provide positive handcuffing guidelines to personnel regarding the use of handcuffs and serve as a basic reference for personnel to justify the use of handcuffs in terms of policies and techniques.

This handcuffing course should be considered as a Basic Introduction to Handcuffing and Physical Intervention. It covers both practical handcuffing processes and procedures, as well as the legal implications that must be considered when using handcuffs to an individual that’s prone to resistance.

Security Guard Arrest Techniques

The action of seizing someone with the intention to restrain and take into the custody of authorities is called “arrest.” As a law enforcement personnel, if the circumstances permit, an individual may submit to the arrest solely by being informed about the intention, without needing any physical restraint.

In contrast to common conception, anyone can legally arrest someone if they suspect the individual is committing an offense punishable through being imprisoned. If an arrest is made by someone without any law enforcement or police authority, it is known as a “citizen’s arrest.” It means that security guards are also allowed and have the right to do so if need to be.

As a security guard, you are not allowed to arrest someone unless you are 100% sure that they have a liability for any serious misdemeanor or felony. It must be your only feasible option during that kind of situation. It is an unlawful arrest if you arrest someone in an attempt to find out if they have committed the crime. Committing an unlawful arrest may only bring you and your employer serious consequences.

Different Handcuff Techniques

A handcuff is a device used for restricting a subject’s movements temporarily. It is one of the best techniques to keep someone that is prone to resistance. It is a good preventive measure but only if applied properly, because it could be dangerous if improperly applied. Arresting officers must handcuff suspects or aggressive people according to the basic handcuffing guidelines to guarantee the safety of other law enforcement officers, the safety of the general public, or the safety of the suspect at risk of harming themselves.

What is the importance of taking handcuffing training courses?
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Handcuff Training Cost and Duration

The proper handcuffing and security guard arrest training only costs $130 at Luna's Training Center. You will be able to learn basic arrest techniques and the different kinds of handcuffing methods. The whole training duration takes 4 hours in total, and at the end of the training, you will be able to receive a handcuffing certificate.
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