Getting your CPR and First Aid classes at Luna's Security Training Academy in Los Angeles is a breeze!

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What is CPR Certification?

It’s a set of problem-solving medical techniques and procedures designed to give urgent remedies to life-threatening cardiac events such as cardiac arrest and stroke. The CPR first aid courses in Los Angeles provide advanced preparation and valid certificates to healthcare and other professionals to make sure you have the skills and know what to do in every emergency situation.

How Do I Get My CPR Certification?

During a medical emergency that involves someone having breathing and cardiac problems, a professional trained in BLS CPR, and First Aid CPR should be more than capable of responding and helping. In partnership with the American Heart Association, Luna’s Training Academy, offers online and on-site CPR AED BLS in Los Angeles, California.

To be certified for CPR, you need to undergo our CPR and First Aid classes online and inside the classroom depending on which type of education and learning goes best with you. With our online classes, you can learn according to your pacing, and with the classroom setting, you can ask your instructor questions right away.

How Can I Get CPR Certified?

With our CPR course and BLS CPR training, you can start your online CPR training whenever it’s most convenient for you. You can get CPR AED BLS certified by taking part in our online CPR training material, and you don’t need to sit for 5 to 6 hours CPR classes any longer just to obtain an online certification or recertification.

How Long is a CPR Certification Valid For?

After successfully completing any CPR AED BLS classes and First Aid training in California, your certification will be valid for 2 years.
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Emergency Preparedness Course

Aside from the American Red Cross, Luna’s Training Academy also provides emergency preparedness courses. When it comes to emergency situations aside from a child choking on his food, an adult drowning, or a person contaminated with bloodborne pathogens; you need to prepare yourself as best as you can during disaster risk with the Emergency Preparedness Course by Luna's Training Academy.

In addition to emergency preparedness, we can assist you in obtaining your Security Guard Card, Initial Firearms Training, Pepper Spray Training, Taser Gun Safety Course, and Handcuff Training. If you have any questions about these or any other training courses we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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