Taser Training & Certification

Obtaining your Taser Training & Certification through Luna's Security Training Academy is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

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Security Guard Taser Training

Our security courses comprise a proper lecture, an instructor’s demonstration, and a scenario-based approach on how to use tasers for self-defense and protect your life. Our training courses and company instructor will equip you with the skills you need to understand how tasers work, and how and when it is safe to use.

The entire training course will cover the following:

How much is the course & duration

Our taser certification training will cost $175 which already includes Taser proper reloading, aiming, firing, etc. The entire course duration will take 4 hours.

How long does Taser certification last?

This gas weapon and pepper spray course costs $75 that includes a permit that will not expire. This is a 4 Hour Course.                                                                           
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Do you need a permit to carry a Taser?

California doesn’t require a permit for citizens to carry a Taser or stun gun especially if it’s for self-defense and protect yourself from danger. But some aren’t permitted to carry or use these devices, and it’s illegal to bring or use them in specific places and circumstances. That’s why it’s important to get more knowledge about Axon’s devices.
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How Does a Taser Work?

The taser weapons are originally produced by a company called Axon Enterprise Inc., which has a monopoly on the US market. Axon has long promoted this weapon to law enforcement officers as a reliable and effective substitute for guns. In fact, Axon’s main slogan is “Protect a life,” and Axon keeps a continuous tally on its website of all the lives it says it’s saved. For how many years, Axon has claimed that Tasers are 80 to 97 percent effective at containing a suspect.

Axon created the Taser precisely for this scenario: when police need to protect themselves and other people but don’t need lethal force as a defense. When a law enforcement officer pulls the trigger, there are two wires with probes on the ends that are released and become implanted in the body of the person. Every trigger pull leads in a burst of electricity for 5 seconds. If you hold down the trigger, it causes a continuous flow of electricity. Axon’s devices can be placed flush against the person’s skin as well, called a drive stun. The effect causes pain instead of temporary paralysis and is used to get the offender to follow law enforcement officers’ commands.
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